Source code for redis.exceptions

"Core exceptions raised by the Redis client"

[docs]class RedisError(Exception): pass
[docs]class AuthenticationError(RedisError): pass
[docs]class ConnectionError(RedisError): pass
[docs]class TimeoutError(RedisError): pass
[docs]class BusyLoadingError(ConnectionError): pass
[docs]class InvalidResponse(RedisError): pass
[docs]class ResponseError(RedisError): pass
[docs]class DataError(RedisError): pass
[docs]class PubSubError(RedisError): pass
[docs]class WatchError(RedisError): pass
class NoScriptError(ResponseError): pass class ExecAbortError(ResponseError): pass
[docs]class ReadOnlyError(ResponseError): pass
class LockError(RedisError, ValueError): "Errors acquiring or releasing a lock" # NOTE: For backwards compatability, this class derives from ValueError. # This was originally chosen to behave like threading.Lock. pass class LockNotOwnedError(LockError): "Error trying to extend or release a lock that is (no longer) owned" pass