Source code for redis.commands.graph.commands

from redis import DataError
from redis.exceptions import ResponseError

from .exceptions import VersionMismatchException
from .query_result import QueryResult

[docs]class GraphCommands: """RedisGraph Commands"""
[docs] def commit(self): """ Create entire graph. For more information see `CREATE <>`_. # noqa """ if len(self.nodes) == 0 and len(self.edges) == 0: return None query = "CREATE " for _, node in self.nodes.items(): query += str(node) + "," query += ",".join([str(edge) for edge in self.edges]) # Discard leading comma. if query[-1] == ",": query = query[:-1] return self.query(query)
[docs] def query(self, q, params=None, timeout=None, read_only=False, profile=False): """ Executes a query against the graph. For more information see `GRAPH.QUERY <>`_. # noqa Args: q : str The query. params : dict Query parameters. timeout : int Maximum runtime for read queries in milliseconds. read_only : bool Executes a readonly query if set to True. profile : bool Return details on results produced by and time spent in each operation. """ # maintain original 'q' query = q # handle query parameters if params is not None: query = self._build_params_header(params) + query # construct query command # ask for compact result-set format # specify known graph version if profile: cmd = "GRAPH.PROFILE" else: cmd = "GRAPH.RO_QUERY" if read_only else "GRAPH.QUERY" command = [cmd,, query, "--compact"] # include timeout is specified if timeout: if not isinstance(timeout, int): raise Exception("Timeout argument must be a positive integer") command += ["timeout", timeout] # issue query try: response = self.execute_command(*command) return QueryResult(self, response, profile) except ResponseError as e: if "wrong number of arguments" in str(e): print( "Note: RedisGraph Python requires server version 2.2.8 or above" ) # noqa if "unknown command" in str(e) and read_only: # `GRAPH.RO_QUERY` is unavailable in older versions. return self.query(q, params, timeout, read_only=False) raise e except VersionMismatchException as e: # client view over the graph schema is out of sync # set client version and refresh local schema self.version = e.version self._refresh_schema() # re-issue query return self.query(q, params, timeout, read_only)
[docs] def merge(self, pattern): """ Merge pattern. For more information see `MERGE <>`_. # noqa """ query = "MERGE " query += str(pattern) return self.query(query)
[docs] def delete(self): """ Deletes graph. For more information see `DELETE <>`_. # noqa """ self._clear_schema() return self.execute_command("GRAPH.DELETE",
# declared here, to override the built in redis.db.flush()
[docs] def flush(self): """ Commit the graph and reset the edges and the nodes to zero length. """ self.commit() self.nodes = {} self.edges = []
[docs] def explain(self, query, params=None): """ Get the execution plan for given query, Returns an array of operations. For more information see `GRAPH.EXPLAIN <>`_. # noqa Args: query: The query that will be executed. params: dict Query parameters. """ if params is not None: query = self._build_params_header(params) + query plan = self.execute_command("GRAPH.EXPLAIN",, query) if isinstance(plan[0], bytes): plan = [b.decode() for b in plan] return "\n".join(plan)
[docs] def bulk(self, **kwargs): """Internal only. Not supported.""" raise NotImplementedError( "GRAPH.BULK is internal only. " "Use" )
[docs] def profile(self, query): """ Execute a query and produce an execution plan augmented with metrics for each operation's execution. Return a string representation of a query execution plan, with details on results produced by and time spent in each operation. For more information see `GRAPH.PROFILE <>`_. # noqa """ return self.query(query, profile=True)
[docs] def slowlog(self): """ Get a list containing up to 10 of the slowest queries issued against the given graph ID. For more information see `GRAPH.SLOWLOG <>`_. # noqa Each item in the list has the following structure: 1. A unix timestamp at which the log entry was processed. 2. The issued command. 3. The issued query. 4. The amount of time needed for its execution, in milliseconds. """ return self.execute_command("GRAPH.SLOWLOG",
[docs] def config(self, name, value=None, set=False): """ Retrieve or update a RedisGraph configuration. For more information see `GRAPH.CONFIG <>`_. # noqa Args: name : str The name of the configuration value : The value we want to set (can be used only when `set` is on) set : bool Turn on to set a configuration. Default behavior is get. """ params = ["SET" if set else "GET", name] if value is not None: if set: params.append(value) else: raise DataError( "``value`` can be provided only when ``set`` is True" ) # noqa return self.execute_command("GRAPH.CONFIG", *params)
[docs] def list_keys(self): """ Lists all graph keys in the keyspace. For more information see `GRAPH.LIST <>`_. # noqa """ return self.execute_command("GRAPH.LIST")